Richard Reznick Research Day 2019

Another beautiful day was had at Vaughan Estates where we attended The Richard Reznick Research Day, an annual event by The Wilson Centre.

We had two podium presentations this year:
Reconceptualizing Stress in Surgical Practice
Sydney McQueen, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Carol-anne Moulton

Thinking Outside the (Check)Box: The Surgical Safety Checklist as Solution To—or Symptom Of—an Overloaded Healthcare System?
Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Elise Paradis, Carol-anne Moulton

We were also very honoured to receive the Wilson Centre Award for Highest Rated Presentation at the Wilson Centre Research Rounds 2018-2019 for the presentation entitled “The Surgical Safety Checklist as Myth and Ceremony” from Carol-anne Moulton, Melanie Hammond-Mobilio, Elise Paradis.

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