Gallie Day 2024

The 50th annual Gallie Day for University of Toronto’s Department of Surgery took place at MaRS Centre on Friday May 3rd, 2024.

We had an impromptu lab gathering at this year’s Gallie Day with Jane, Hillary, Stephanie, Tobi and Sydney – presenting their respective research during the morning and afternoon ePoster sessions:

‘Cognitive Flow Redefined: Understanding the Surgeon Experience of Flow’. Sydney McQueen, Melanie Hammond, Aidan McParland, Ranil Sonnadara, Carol-anne Moulton

‘Scrubbing In, Emotions Out: Understanding Compartmentalization in Surgery’. Jane Jomy, Sydney McQueen, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Melanie Anderson, Johanna Riesel, Carol-anne Moulton.

‘Exploring Surgeon Influence on Tone in the Operating Room: A Quantitative Study of Team Interaction’. Hillary Lia, Aleah Kirsh, Jane Jomy, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Frank Rudzicz, Carol-anne Moulton.

‘Name Familiarity in Operating Room Teams: Human-Centered Design Analysis of Current Interventions and Innovations’.┬áTobi Lam, Melanie Hammond, Jacob Hirsh, Dean Lising, Tulin Cil, Edyta Marcon, Carol-anne Moulton.

Stephanie Jiang presented on ‘Transparency of Wellness Policies and Benefits in Canadian General Surgery Residency Programs’.

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