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Cognition & Culture

We are thrilled for the appointment of Dr Carol-anne Moulton in her new role at UHN as Surgical Lead of Cognition and Culture.

Dr Moulton will lead initiatives on culture in the operating room and perioperative work, focusing on strengthening the team environment in Surgery to provide the highest quality care. She held the role of Medical Director of the OR since 2015 and is excited to take on this new position where she envisions an innovative program informed by research in cognition and culture that will translate to impactful practice. Congratulations on this exciting new chapter!

Aging Surgeon at the Annual Assembly

Stephanie gave an oral presentation on the early results of her narrative review study on aging surgeons’ identity at University of Toronto’s Division of General Surgery Annual Assembly. The 47th annual event took place at Delta Hotel.

Exploring the Loss of Identity in the Aging Surgeon: A Narrative Review. Jiang, S.M., Sharma, B., Hammond Mobilio, M., and Moulton, C.A.

Looking forward to hearing more about this research soon!

Gallie Day 2024

The 50th annual Gallie Day for University of Toronto’s Department of Surgery took place at MaRS Centre on Friday May 3rd, 2024.

We had an impromptu lab gathering at this year’s Gallie Day with Jane, Hillary, Stephanie, Tobi and Sydney – presenting their respective research during the morning and afternoon ePoster sessions:

‘Cognitive Flow Redefined: Understanding the Surgeon Experience of Flow’. Sydney McQueen, Melanie Hammond, Aidan McParland, Ranil Sonnadara, Carol-anne Moulton

‘Scrubbing In, Emotions Out: Understanding Compartmentalization in Surgery’. Jane Jomy, Sydney McQueen, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Melanie Anderson, Johanna Riesel, Carol-anne Moulton.

‘Exploring Surgeon Influence on Tone in the Operating Room: A Quantitative Study of Team Interaction’. Hillary Lia, Aleah Kirsh, Jane Jomy, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Frank Rudzicz, Carol-anne Moulton.

‘Name Familiarity in Operating Room Teams: Human-Centered Design Analysis of Current Interventions and Innovations’. Tobi Lam, Melanie Hammond, Jacob Hirsh, Dean Lising, Tulin Cil, Edyta Marcon, Carol-anne Moulton.

Stephanie Jiang presented on ‘Transparency of Wellness Policies and Benefits in Canadian General Surgery Residency Programs’.

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Reznick Day ’23

The lab had the opportunity to present several of our latest research projects during Richard K. Reznick Wilson Centre Virtual Research week, October 10 – 12, 2023.

We were honoured to share our work during the session on Discourses: Invisible and Productive. Jane, Tobi, and Hillary gave presentations.

Compartmentalization: a critical narrative review.
Jane Jomy, Sydney McQueen, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Johanna Riesel, Carol-anne Moulton

What’s in a name? The development of trust and familiarity in dynamic interprofessional operating room teams.
Tobi Lam, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Jacob Hirsh, Dean Lising, Tulin Cil, Edyta Marcon, Carol-anne Moulton

Understanding tone in context: a constructivist grounded theory study of tone emergence in the operating room.
Hillary Lia, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Frank Rudizcz, Carol-anne Moulton

Thanks to moderators and attendees for the discussions, and a big kudos to the organizers involved in putting together this year’s events!

Gallie Day ’23

At this year’s Gallie Day, Stephanie and Hillary presented projects in-person.

Steph presented a poster: Thriving, Not Surviving: Positive Experiences in Surgical Practice. Jiang, S.M., McQueen, S., McParland, A., Hammond Mobilio, M., Sonnadara, R., and Moulton, C.A.

Hillary gave an oral presentation: The role of operating room professions in setting the tone for teamwork: A constructivist Grounded Theory study. Lia, H., Hammond Mobilio, M., Rudizcz, F., and Moulton C.A.

A recording of Hillary’s presentation is available on Youtube.
Abstracts are also available online:

McMurrich Award

Hillary Lia received First Prize awarded at this year’s Gallie Day McMurrich Oral Presentation for her current PhD research, ‘The role of operating room professions in setting the tone for teamwork: a constructivist grounded theory study’. Congrats Hillary and looking forward to the next phase of your study!

Gallie Day is the annual research day at University of Toronto’s Department of Surgery. Recording of the event will be posted soon.

Welcome Jane!

Spring is here and with it, new beginnings. We are welcoming Jane to the lab as a research student! She will be leading a literature review on Compartmentalization and also assisting with data analysis in the lab.

Jane Jomy is a medical student at the University of Toronto, where she serves as Class President on the Medical Society. She is passionate about health equity, quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS), and medical education. She is a clinical epidemiologist by training with a Master of Science in Health Research Methodology from McMaster University. During medical school, she participated in the Quality Improvement Experiential Student Training (QuEST) Program to address barriers to health equity in QIPS. Currently, she is working with MD Program faculty on a curriculum innovation program to improve assessment and evaluation.

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AO Fellowship in Medical Education Research

Johanna is the recipient of the 2022 AO Fellowship in Medical Education Research for her project: Are Surgeons Fearless? A constructivist grounded theory approach to conceptualize how surgeons navigate fear in the operating room.

The AO Fellowships aim to contribute to medical education research to improve performance and patient outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal. The AO is a not-for-profit global medical education organization providing opportunities to network and collaborate in global surgery.

Welcome Johanna

We have another new member of the lab and Wilson Centre fellow, Johanna Riesel.

Johanna completed her plastic and reconstructive surgical training at Harvard University before completing a pediatric craniofacial fellowship at SickKids. Her clinical interests are in cleft and craniofacial surgery, facial reanimation, general paediatric reconstruction, surgical education, and global surgery. Her research interests include improving outcomes in endoscopic strip craniectomies, neurocognitive outcomes for craniosynostosis, optimizing surgeon performance in the operating room, and improving access to high-quality surgical care in limited-resource settings.

She is currently obtaining a Masters in Medical Health Professions Education to further her interest in optimizing surgeon performance in the operating room. Johanna serves as the Director of the Wellness Program for the University of Toronto Plastic Surgery Residents.

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