Promising Medical Student Surgery Education Research Award

We are so proud to share that Sydney received the 2019 Promising Medical Student Surgery Education Research Award!

The award is presented annually by the Association for Surgical Education, based on:

  • Enthusiasm for surgery and surgery education research as demonstrated by a leadership role in a course or group related to surgery and surgery education
  • Role in at least one peer-reviewed surgery education manuscript or curricular project
  • Demonstrates the professional characteristics of a future surgery education researcher

Thank you to everyone who participated in the video which was shown at the Awards banquet.

Moulton Lab at ASE Surgical Education Week

The lab attended the Association for Surgical Education‘s annual conference in Chicago April 25-27th, presenting four of our latest research projects and initiatives.

Candlelight Session
The TransfORmation Project: Working together to improve intraoperative safety culture.

Podium Session: Resident Training
Pulled from the Passenger Seat: Resident Engagement in the OR

‘Thinking Out of the Box’ Session
Pre-Operative Planning Modules – A Novel Approach to Teaching and Learning in Surgery

Plenary Session
SOS! Calling Attention to the States of Stress in Surgery.

Thank you to the ASE for the opportunity to share our work and connect with colleagues in the field.

Photo credits: Ralf

DesignTalks at Healthcare Human Factors

Melanie Hammond Mobilio will be speaking at an upcoming DesignTalks at Healthcare Human Factors on Thursday March 21st.

This will be an insightful look into healthcare and medical education research from the experiences of a medical anthropologist. Check out the event info below for more info.

Where should I park my canoe? The anthropologist in healthcare and education research

A heartwarming story

One of our lab members, Adam Shehata, recently started his rotation at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital and his story has been featured below

“He started as a tiny preemie at Sick Kids. He beat the odds and now he’s back at the hospital — as a doctor in training” – Toronto Star article by Megan Ogilvie

“RETURNING THE FAVOUR: Preemie saved at Sick Kids now med student” – Toronto Sun interview by Liz Braun


Adam shares his heartwarming story on CBC Radio’s ‘As It Happens’

Image from CBC/Radio-Canada

Wilson Centre research rounds

The surgical safety checklist as myth and ceremony
We presented our latest research with Elise Paradis looking at the Surgical Safety Checklist at the Wilson Centre research rounds. The talk summarized some of the results and data, examining the findings using neo-institutional theory.

Welcome Adam Shehata

We are very excited to have Adam Shehata joining the lab. Adam is a second-year medical student at the University of Toronto. After graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School and articling on Bay Street, Adam was called to the Bar of Ontario. Adam also enjoyed a career as a professional pilot earning his Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating where he trained commercial pilots to become flight instructors. He is currently working on team performance in surgical environments at the Wilson Centre.

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Busy brains meeting

Thank you to Dr. Richard Hart and Dr. Vietta Sue Wilson who joined us at a recent lab meeting to discuss the applications of biofeedback and monitoring. We got to see firsthand some live data from our willing participant, and observed brain wave changes in real time. The technology has been used in mental training throughout sports and elite performance.

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